• “Lively and engaging!”
    –Dennis Harvey, Variety
  • “Congress’s freshman class can learn from PBS’s new one-hour documentary”
    –Patrick Gavin, POLITICO
  • “An engrossing documentary . . .”
    –Robert Silva, IndieWire
  • “Magnificent! Beautifully filmed, compellingly told, complete, complex and moving.”
    –Jonathan Tilove, New Orleans Times-Picayune 
  • “It’s a primer in both New Orleans politics and the region’s Katrina-comeback challenges.”
     –Dave Walker,
  • “Even if you don’t agree with his views, Cao puts a human (and surprisingly honest) face on the great divide between the political parties in this country.”
    –Cheryl Eddy, San Francisco Bay Guardian
  • Mr. Cao Goes to Washington tells the story of a novice whipsawed by political business as usual, but it’s also a compelling study of a character who’s both likeable and maddeningly innocent.”
    –Carlo Rotella, Boston Globe
  • “[The film] is an interesting story of democracy in action and illuminates what a rough game contemporary politics is.”
    –Chizu Omori, International Examiner